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Leading the Change: Digital Transformation & the Workforce of the Future

Craig Salvalaggio (Vice President, Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT))

Jason Walker (CEO & Co-Founder, Waypoint Robotics)

Location: 209A

Date: Tuesday, February 5

Time: 1:15pm - 2:00pm

Track: Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) Summit

Vault Recording: TBD

According to a report by the United Nations last year, nearly one-third of all jobs in first-world countries will be lost to robots and AI in the next 15 years. Even if the report is overly pessimistic, there is no doubt that millions, if not billions, of people will be affected by automation. Hourly workers in fast food, retail, livery, and shipping are already in the crosshairs. This session will address the elephant in the room -- the ethical and policy dilemma of automation and unemployment. Those in the role of robotics champion must not only oversee the evaluation and adoption of robotics and AI; they must also understand how automation changes the entire business model and can affect all aspects of enterprise operations. This session will also discuss tips and tricks for an executive to consider when executing a robotics implementation strategy. The speaker will showcase ways to reduce the friction of technology deployment and demonstrate how collaborative approaches can produce an abundance of opportunities. The main points to be discuss include:

• Best practices on how to win the buy-in of your workforce
• Addressing critical technology gaps to ensure automation and business processes are collaborative and the future is built by robots, but directed by humans
• Best practices on how to reposition your workforce infrastructure
• Creating retraining programs

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