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Assessing the Challenges of 3D Bioprinting


Michael Drues (President, Vascular Sciences)

Vaidehi Joshi (Scientist I in Therapeutics, Organovo)

Location: 208B

Date: Thursday, February 8

Time: 3:45pm - 4:30pm

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Conference Track: 3D Printing

Vault Recording: TBD

3D printing technology is being used to treat diseases, medical conditions, and injuries. From surgical implants to prosthetics, 3D bioprinting is transforming the field of medicine. Doctors can create customized, patient-specific implants to save more lives, and researchers can use 3D printers to grow tissue and human organs in order to understand the human body better. This session will address the challenges of biomedical 3D printing and how we can overcome them. Questions to be answered include:

• What are the technology/engineering/biomaterial challenges?
• What are the biological/clinical challenges?
• What are the regulatory challenges?
• What are the reimbursement challenges?
• Why aren't we doing more today?
• What are the challenges unique to medical applications that do not apply to other industries?